Beliefs & Membership

We believe in:
1) The Holy Trinity
2) The Deity of Christ
3) The Virgin Birth
4) The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
5) The Verbal Inspiration, Inerrancy and Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures
6) The Genesis Account of Creation
7) Justification by Faith
8) The Blood Atonement
9) The Necessity of Repentance and the New Birth
10) The Free Will of Man
11) The Necessity of Perseverance and a Holy Life
12) The Great Commission
13) The Second Coming of Christ
14) The Resurrection of the Body
15) The Eternal Bliss of the Saved in Heaven
16) An Eternal Hell for the Unsaved

Membership: All those who give evidence of saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; who regularly attend and take part in the services and ministries; who are living consistent Christian lives; who support the church with the complete tithe according to Scriptures; who give evidence of a cooperative, submissive, humble and Christ-like spirit as the Scriptures enjoin; and who are in agreement with the objectives of the assembly may be recognized as members, these being ones who God has added to the church (1Cor. 12:1-31; Mal.3:8-11; Matt. 23:23; 1 Tim. 5:1, 17-20; Acts 2:47).

 Voting Membership: The voting membership shall consist of all those who meet the Scriptural standards for membership whose names have been added to the roster of this assembly, provided they are 18 years of age or over.

Associate Membership: Associate Membership may be available for persons who, for various reasons, must have limited involvement in the church for a time, as well as for those under 18 years of age (Junior Membership) who meet the Scriptural standards of membership established by this assembly.